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breaking ground magazine

10th Anniversary Edition is here!breaking ground media kit

BreakingGround is the first comprehensive source of market information for all professionals in the construction and real estate business in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. Packed with information about market trends, best practices and timely economic data, BreakingGround gives insight about today’s marketplace, and is a ‘must read’ with an extended shelf-life.

BreakingGround is the bi-monthly magazine done on behalf of the Master Builder’s Association of Western Pennsylvania, and is published by Jeff Burd, one of the region’s industry experts with more than 25 years experience in publishing for the construction industry. This is a team with the expertise and credibility to create a truly valuable resource for the professionals designing, developing and building in Western PA. Each edition of BreakingGround is in the offices of every architect, engineer, developer, and building owner actively doing business in Western PA. BreakingGround’s reporting and editorial content responds to the needs of the construction and real estate community, and makes them anxious for the next copy.

Our advertisers’ messages are read by professionals interested in our market and attentive to their message. BreakingGround is sent bi-monthly to partners, principals and decision-makers, and so is your ad. And a copy of BreakingGround goes out to every prospective new business which inquires to the Allegheny Conference and Pittsburgh Regional Alliance.

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breaking ground Get caught up with what contracts the local contractors have been awarded and see what the industry is doing since last month. The current edition brings insight into how the changes in the global economy are impacting business conditions in Western PA and what you can expect from the local real estate and construction industry during the next six to twelve months.

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Media Kit - click imagebreaking ground media kit

Advertising in BreakingGround tells your customers and prospects that you know what information is important to their business. BreakingGround delivers the real estate and construction industry’s key decision makers in a way no other information source does. Its readers are well-educated, savvy and well-compensated. BreakingGround is a C-level source of information that is read by everyone in the business.

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Only BreakingGround talks about the latest trends in construction, design and real estate, before they are trends. Its readers learned about Pittsburgh’s transformation and the green building boom in 2006, the coming of building information modeling and the potential fallout from sub-prime mortgage lending problems in 2007, and the impact of natural gas exploration in the Marcellus Shale formation in 2008. Find out what we’re following for the next edition of BreakingGround.