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Is there a generic for adderall xr 5mg and 10mg (or more) that has the same effect as xr 30mg? [21:03] no there isn't. thats just a generic to run. [21:03] they have one for xr 10mg that has more dopamine as a stimulant? [21:03] its dose of 5/10mg that is only 100mg of the real thing [21:03] thats not a good dose for xr so i dont think its the same as original [21:04] what kind of thing is that? [21:04] i have no idea [21:04] darude, i don't know, they only say used a lot of the opiates in same line for the xr 10mg amphetamine [21:04] its not a very strong amphetamine [21:04] no idea what would make it a good one [21:05] it's a very common benzodiazepine [21:05] yeah but that's like the only way you can really run meth [21:05] I would think the 10mg give you same effect as 30mg [21:05] that's why i thought it was [21:05] maybe well its a very common benzodiazepine on lot of other drugs [21:05] although that's really only used recreationally [21:06] yeah i could never go for meth [21:06] that's just silly when you take that much meth youll just get too high [21:06] and not able to make a reasonable judgment [21:06] if you did, my opinion of would have to change [21:06] meth was my favorite amphetamine [21:06] i would be willing to go with 20mg of a benzodiazepine if it helped me get out of that hole [21:07] i have tried, 30mg is a good dose for me and i only use it once, usually after a hard partying night [21:07] i'm not trying to make you think my opinion is more valid than yours [21:07] this is an important part of the conversation [21:07] im just trying to know what your opinion on this might be [21:07] i had a lot of trouble staying coherent for 5+ hours on speed without coming down [21:07] you think the 5mg is enough? [21:07] fine yeah 5mg is [21:07] yeah, this an Adderal 120 $360.00 $3.00 $324.00 important part of my story [21:07] <@shecalledmepaul> is there anything else we should know [21:07] but yeah i have trouble concentrating [21:07] and then i go to sleep, [21:07] and i'm not really aware how i got to sleep [21:07] yep <@shecalledmepaul> that's the story i have heard [21:07] so i take it a step further [21:08] i have a friend that is psychiatrist [21:08] he said i could take 5mg of xanax and i could stay awake for a while if i wanted to [21:08] <+theChosenHalfBlo> mittens, canadian generic pharmacy association i'm not even sure how many drugs they use for sleeping [21:08] <@shecalledmepaul> why is 5mg the normal dosage to sleep with if that is what the guy says? [21:08] <@shecalledmepaul> hehe == PN|mobile [6c3f8983@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed] [21:08] the.
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The Gas Industry is Tapping the Brakes

Since the first of the year have come the first indications that the exploration of the Marcellus Shale will not be transforming the region at breakneck speed. For more than a year the depressed price of gas has been troubling for the industry but the dip down to $2.50 MMbtu has prompted a change in strategy.

First is the shifting of resources from the northeastern corner of the state to the southwest to take advantage of the additional gases that can be gathered and sold from the wet gas that is found in the Marcellus Shale. That’s a plus for our region.

Second is that the high price of oil is an incentive for the gas companies to look at exploring the Utica formation because it contains oil as well as natural gas. That’s not as good for western PA since the Utica formation is more accessible in OH. The heightened interest in Utica will help with the activity in Butler, Beaver and Lawrence Counties as the Utica shale is closer to the surface too.

Drillers are also beginning to look at other formations that have natural gas deposits to see what the related oil/gas properties are. The Marcellus is going to be a big play for a long time but the speed of its development will be throttled back while gas remains cheap.

The slowdown in exploration may or may not be related to the dragging on of the announcement of the Shell and Aither cracker plant locations. What was to be an ‘end of the month’ announcement in January seems no closer to being made in mid-March and a statement made last week by Sheel CEO Peter Voser at an energy conference in Houston hints that Shell is in no hurry. Voser commented that the Dutch company’s final decision on the investment was “quite a few years away.” A shell spokesperson clarified later that Voser meant that the planning would take a few years but that a decision was imminent. No definition was made of ‘imminent.’

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