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Is there a generic brand for adderall xr ? I was also curious about when/if I should start taking it again. I stopped because couldn't afford it, and it makes me feel better without completely masking my mood. I have mild depression but not severe enough to require medication. I don't take adderall anymore. I take it only for short stretches each day and when I cannot sleep as well. I have found that just taking the Adderall with a little water helps me get back into sleep. Thanks! [I have an add on for my computer as well] What is the best/ most expensive dose? There is no "official" dose that recommended. We are not doctors with our own "scientific" expertise. I take mine with caffeine Yes I will go by the Adderall side of pills. Most likely you have to add caffeine your Adderall but as long caffeine has not been added since the pill was given that day, it will not make one's Adderall dose higher. I have heard of some Adderal 90 pills $344.45 $3.83 people taking Adderall that has been re-formulated to reduce tolerance, can I get Adderall where the effect of previous batch was maintained? Yes you can, there are many different types of Adderall that are not so much different than other variations of the same pill. My personal favorite is the new line as it has the most tolerance lowering. There is a product called Adderall XR (without caffeine) which is probably the best one out there for the least amount of money. course the real question to ask though is what type of pill you are taking which is what it comes down to. The one on pills are not going to make you feel different as long are not taking the exact same pill everyday. Does the speed of medication affect effect? In other words, does Adderall xr prescribed for weight loss the higher speed, faster it goes and the slower effects become? I take 50 mg in the morning and evening I will stop by and take another dose. At first it seemed almost instant, I was out the door and didn't feel any difference. I have been using Adderall for about three months now to treat ADD. For the first two months I had to take a few pills day to function. But at this point I take three a day as I feel can do my day job (as an accountant) on Adderall. I have discovered that the only downside to this medicine is that I can't feel in my heart until the second hour of day. However, the heart rhythm doesn't usually change for days or weeks after I stop taking Adderall. was prescribed this medicine I would just sit down with my wife and be by her side just hold my hand. Sometimes I feel in my chest after a few hours but this feeling passes and I feel fine in a matter of days. It might be nice to try this medication for ADHD or at least reduce the dosage. For someone who has to take regular doses of stimulants Over the counter drugs adderall everyday, can you elaborate a few steps on how to handle the ADHD without stimulants, while avoiding "overdoing it" from taking Adderall or other stimulants at the same time? After all, if an anti-anxiety drug causes too many side effects, then it might be good for ADHD or other mood disorders to have some of the side effects. If it works for OCD or other mood disorders, then maybe it can work for ADHD too. If it doesn't cause too many problems for others in the family, then it might be something that people can use. The general process seems to be going a doctor have.

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Is there a generic for adderall xr 25 mg that isn't too crazy-looking as the generic is? anon83672 Post 58 im taking adderall but just once a day. when i wake up is it a little easier and/or is it slightly different from when I take adderall ? anon74386 Post 56 i have tried many different brand's of adderall and they all are either too strong or weak, it usually varies in strength depending on brand i have tried, im on 100mg a day. anon70408 Post 55 My ex used to use this drug. At first it was really good and my wife I used it quite often. felt great, and no side-effects other than occasional headaches and sometimes an itching feeling on my hands. She always said it worked great. Last month she changed to a different medication which caused change. Now her hair would be the same color as my hair and it was Order adderall online in canada dull. I also noticed that her nose was much paler than when we first got married. Her skin has turned yellowish and her eyes are sunken in. discount card for generic adderall She's been trying to get a divorce from her husband for a while now. She doesn't want anyone to know she's using this drug. I don't know much about the drug prices for generic adderall without insurance as I'm not a doctor. Any one can tell me more or what kind of reactions you've had to it and how keep out of my daughter's life. Thank you. view entire post anon63090 Post 54 my daughter has been taking adderall for more than six years or more. She and my youngest daughter are the only ones on planet who use the drug. It is really all over the place. different brands seem to have ingredients, and the effects vary from one to the other. She is 15 years old and just recently started taking this drug, however it's been a bit weird seeing how she looks older than her years when I see at school. She has a bad case of hyperactivity and often makes silly or inappropriate gestures and says some dumb things. I'm hoping it will calm down but her behavior reminds me of how it was before she started to take this drug. She is currently taking 3 different medications that I don't feel safe giving her during school hours. If anyone knows of anything else like this, or knows a doctor who is willing Adderall generic coupon to help her take this medicine off of her doctor's schedule to give some peace of mind that she only is going to get a dose of the medication once a day, please let me or my wife know. view entire post anon62586 Post 53 I have a 17 year old sister taking adderall as well her friend. It's kind of a problem because my daughter will always be on it as well while I'm not because of how much it makes her hyper. view entire post anon62372 Post 52 I am taking the equivalent of 50 mgs and 2 or more tabs a day. I am on this for two weeks while getting ready to go a work function. We have co-worker from another state, an active adderall user and she is now out of a job and looking for another. I just want to know what the dose is because doctor said to start using the medication from first dose so if I am using the amount that doctor suggests I will be in compliance at the very least. anon61760 Post 51 I am on the drug ADD-25 for past 17 years and have never had side effects but now there are and they quite severe. The worst side effect I have ever had is being in a car accident that nearly killed me the first time. I am not the type of individual who wants to be a statistic and they have made me into one. After two weeks I have finally gone off of the drug and feel great. Maybe it is my bad luck or maybe mind just is generic drugstore franchise not in the best place after being through so much. I will try to be more careful and do my research before I take another drug. anon59162 Post 50 Hi, I would actually like to know what I am supposed to have taken? you any suggestions about what I should do, if wish to continue taking the drug in a non-stimulant form. I have been taking it for two weeks now but I feel nothing, it seems to be causing me some pain and nausea. anon58798 Post 49 For my 14-year-old son, use a 0.25mg tablet with water; he's used this in different forms for three years. anon58697 Post 48 I'm on adderall. When it's a good dose it makes me feel better, in terms of getting out bed, and concentrating more.
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