Catching Up with Work Underway

There is a noticeable lull in bidding – not out of character with Memorial Day – and prospects are for a slow summer before a promising run up to 2017 later this year. Election year uncertainty seems to be setting decisions back but architects and engineers remain very busy. Until that backlog of designed projects breaks free, work will be potential rather than backlog.

Following up some of the projects that recently bid, Chartiers Enterprises awarded MBM Contrcting the contract for the new $2.5 million facility for Atlas Wholesale in Carnegie. Pitt selected Allegheny Construction Group for renovations to Cost Sports Center, part of a $5.3 million program. Al Neyer Inc. is building a 20,000 square foot addition to DeBro America at the California Technology Park.

Groundbreaking May 25
Groundbreaking was held by Eden Christian Academy for its new 25,000 square foot classroom building being built by BRIDGES & Co. in Ohio Township.

UPMC is reported to be working with Massaro Corp. and Rycon Construction to select the contractor for the new $12 million Hampton Ambulatory Care Center. Mosites Construction is preparing to start work on a $7.5 million expansion of St. Alexis Church & Catholic School in Wexford. Jendoco Construction is working on the budget for the $3.5 million addition to Desmone Architects office in Doughboy Square.

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