Corrections for a Bad Day

In the BreakingNews email blast yesterday there were several glaring errors or confusions that should be corrected. Sometimes the desire to get news out means having less details than you’d like but that was pretty sloppy. My apologies.

There are actually six contractors competing for the CM role at RIDC’s 65,000 sq. ft. robotics research facility in Lawrenceville. In addition to Volpatt, A. Martini and Franjo, proposals will be taken by Landau, Continental and TBI Contracting tomorrow. West Penn’s $20 million NICU project has not moved past the proposal submissions from Jan. 27. Some half-dozen contractors submitted proposals, including A. Martini, PJ Dick, Mascaro, Massaro and Turner. No word on the next step. The Tata Consulting Services building proposals were just going out to CM’s; the wording in the email sounded like CMU was taking proposals yesterday.


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