Winding Down the Bids for 2014

There are a few large projects out to bid that will carry contractors over into 2015 but the market is shutting down for the holidays. Last week there were a few projects bidding that stood out as the backlog-builders for next year.

Mechanicsburg-based Lobar Inc. struck twice, getting low on a $7.8 million wastewater project in Masontown WV and the general trades piece of the $40 million Montour K-4. The 3 low bidders on Montour were:

1) Lobar – $28,973,000; 2) Burchick – $29,596,000; 3) Nello – $29,867,000

Bethel Park’s $6.6 million Fire Station came in under budget, with TOMLYN edging Yarborough Construction. Those results were:

1) TOMLYN – $6,613,000; 2) Yarborough – $6,644,000; 3) DiMarco – $6,709,000

The jury is still out on how the year will kick off in 2015. Right now the total contracting volume for 2014 looks like it will be better than I expected just 60 days ago. Fourth quarter volume will be above $700 million – a good omen for 2015. The total for 2014 should end up around $2.65 billion. There are a lot of $15-30 million opportunities hanging around ready to get to the streets. If these pop in the first quarter, contractors should be happier sooner rather than later.

The forecast for 2015 looks very positive. There are a few potential problems lurking but contracting volume should exceed $3 billion, possibly even $4 billion if the cracker gets going earlier in the year.

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