Tracking the Millennials

Tuesday’s joint NAIOP Pittsburgh/Corenet presentation on the impact of the Millennial generation was very illuminating, especially in that it partly debunked the theory that this cohort of young Americans was changing the way everything worked. Ian Anderson from CBRE spoke about the Millennials’ use of technology and lifestyle expectations but fit it more into the context of trends that have been in place for some time. Workplace trends towards collaborative and play space or more dense, open office plans have been developing for more than a decade. Likewise, the trend towards more renting and urbanization are rooted in larger context than just the needs of the Millennials.

David Weisberg, Gennaro DiBello and Pete Sukernek at the NAIOP/Corenet event.

The young generation of adults are going to be hugely influential inside of a decade but for now the CBRE research showed that for the most part, Millennials want the same things from work and living that Gen X and Baby Boomers want.

On the project news side, Turner was selected as CM for the $15 million Butler Health System medical building. Davis & Associates selected Mascaro Construction as CM for the renovation of the Union Trust Building.

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