Parting Shots for the Week

PJ Dick was selected by Central Catholic High School as the CM at Risk for their new $8 million STEM building on Neville Street. For the week before Thanksgiving, that would be the big news in most years but the construction market has become more active as the holidays approach than it was a month ago.

Most contractors are reporting higher bidding activity over the next couple of weeks. Among the highlights are the guest room renovations are the Sheraton Station Square, about 30,000 sq. ft. of additional retail strip space at McCandless Crossing and a new $53 million Lichfield elementary/learning center in Akron (on the PBX at Massaro has the $4 million ER expansion at Armstrong Co. Memorial Hospital out to bid. Martini is doing preconstruction on the $8 million Blind & Vision Services offices and a new $15+ million outpatient center for Excela Health in Greensburg. Interviews took place for the short list of contractors working on the Westinghouse HQ project.

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