A Burst of Public Work

State and local governments – including school districts – have been plagued by emptier coffers and reduced tax revenues for several years. That reality has reduced capital spending from the public sector, although a number of larger projects have moved ahead. At the current moment, however, a handful of $15-30 million public jobs are bucking this trend.

Over the next 30-60 days these projects will bid: $18 million Holiday Park Elementary School in Plum (Aug. 26); $34 million East Liberty Transit Center (Sept. 5); $19 million Frazer Elementary/Middle School (Sept. 18); $30 million Cathedral of Learning Elevator Modernization (design/build due Oct. 10); and the $23 million Fox Chapel High (tentatively scheduled to go out mid-Oct.).

In the private sector, the $15 million Westmoreland Museum of Art took bids on its expansion from Jendoco, Massaro and James Construction. The $70 million Gardens at Market Square office/hotel development broke ground this week. Massaro Corp. was selected as the CM At-risk for the $14 million Meadville Medical Mall and a $2.5 million renovation to Pitt’s Barco Law Library. Turner was selected as CM for the $28 million Carnegie Science Center expansion. Dollar Bank awarded the contract for its new Richland Mall branch to MBM Contracting.


    1. Not really my bailiwick. If I recall, however, the Ravenstahl administration is challenging UPMC’s non-profit status & UPMC is suing the City to stop it so I guess that spells out the City’s position.

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