Catching Up On Some News

Judging from phone calls there are a couple of little items of interest to pass along:

Germand-based Flabeg USA is a manufacturer of specialty glass and glass coatings which is knocking the ball out of the park right now because of the demand for solar panel glass. They operate out of Brackenridge now but will have a new 209,000 square foot facility built in Clinton Commerce Park, by the airport in Findlay Township. Buncher Co. is the developer of the park and usually subcontracts construction themselves.

Pat Ford has resigned as the URA Director. He’s been under fire since the spring over the Grant Street Transportation Center signage controversy.

As concerns start building about whether or not we’ll hit a non-residential slowdown here next year, the institutions keep planning stuff. Grove City College is in the quiet period of another capital program, considering expansions to their science and engineering buildings, along with other program needs. They have hired Ballinger Architecture from PHiladelphia for the $50 million-ish project.

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