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Adderall medication for depression can be particularly hard to find. But this new medication, Adderall XR, has where to buy generic adderall been shown in a clinical trial to be far more effective than the current standard of "typical" antidepressants. And it's a prescription drug. "It's very important to look at how this drug fits into your health care and treatment plan" says Peter D'Amato, MD, PhD, director of the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at Boston Medical Center. He is not involved in the new study. In the study, 80 out of 90 participants (68 to 75 percent) were able tolerate the drug without side effects. "This is huge," D'Amato says, "and very promising for this drug to become the new treatment." D'Amato, who is not involved in the new study, says it's important to realize that this was not a placebo-controlled study and the results cannot be generalized to any other medication. "For the study to work," he says, "[the Order cheap adderall online patients] had to have a very severe depression to get the benefit, and in this study only about one-third of the people met that requirement. But the results are very promising." Researchers found that Adderall XR reduced depressive symptoms by 37 percent. The researchers also found that this drug reduced depression symptoms by as much 54 percent. How it works D'Amato says the drug works in two ways. It appears to decrease levels of glutamate, the brain chemical believed to be responsible for the effects of depression. "The glutamate system, when depleted, causes changes to the brain and can lead to many problems," D'Amato says. The second, less clear way drug works is by increasing the flow of neurotransmitter dopamine, which is released by an area adderall and headache medication called the ventral tegmental area. This increase in dopamine "increases activity Adderal 60 $220.00 $3.67 $198.00 across multiple brain systems," D'Amato says, possibly improving concentration and alertness. "If you're struggling with a mental illness, there are number of medications that currently used to treat depression. There is some evidence that the use of these therapies is beneficial. The question is, should you try a new therapy to see if it is better for you or do need to continue on your current antidepressant medications." D'Amato says this new study is just one small sample in a large number of clinical trials. "We'll need to wait until all of these results are evaluated before we can say whether this drug is truly going to work in the future. That will take some time," he says. D'Amato also says that the study was small, and in particular did Adderall xr online sale not include people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. So the findings don't necessarily apply to these other mental illnesses. "But the fact that this one drug is working in the treatment of depression is very exciting," he says. This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the study's principal investigators were from the Boston Medical Center and Harvard School of Public Health.
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